A Full Beer Meal


A Full Beer Meal

As the weather cools down, it’s pretty much a requirement for us Minnesotans to warm ourselves up with good food and beer. But why stop there? Why not make an entire four-course meal based on the beauty of cooking with beer? Let us take you from salad to dessert with some of the best beer recipes you can find. (We’ll leave the cocktail hour up to you.)


Leave it to The Beeroness to find a way to put beer in your salad. This grilled romaine salad with IPA dressing is inspired by a restaurant patron where Jackie (The Beeroness) used to work. From one beer geek to another, it turned out pretty great.


Considering you are probably pairing each course with a new beer, you might need some bread in your meal. Of course, The Beeroness doesn’t let you take the easy route with her Grilled Garlic Beer Flatbread recipe. She says, “The fire, smoke, heat much higher than your oven is able to compete with, grilling isn’t just another way to cook food, it’s often a better way to cook food. That glorious char is worth braving the possibilities of spiders under the grill cover.”


One should never overlook soup when it comes to mealtime. This small course can pack a big punch of flavor, especially when using this beer and cheddar soup recipe. Plus, there’s bacon. Need we say more?


This brine works with a range of meats, including pork, chicken, and quail. This basic brine with beer recipe is an instance where the power of beer can be highlighted during the cooking process. Brining is salt’s ability to denature proteins, causing some of the muscle to unwind and swell. The brine then gets trapped in these proteins and when cooked, the liquid binds to the muscle creating flavor pockets and a juicier result.


Beer and chocolate have long been partners in crime, and this beeramisu (tiramisu with beer) recipe is no exception. These little cups are balanced jars of deliciousness: malty, creamy, and sweet with a touch of bitterness from the beer.
Remember to always drink (and cook!) responsibly. Also, take our advice, don’t drink all the beer before you’re done cooking.

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