Macrobrewery vs. Microbrewery

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Macrobrewery vs. Microbrewery

As a Total Beverage Company, Thorpe distributes a wide variety of beers and beverages. From coffee to craft beer, we really do it all. Two of our main product lines include Anheuser-Busch products (think: Budweiser, The Ritas, Michelob, etc.) and a range of craft beers. But, what really is the difference between these two kinds of beers?

The most common distinction in the beer world is macrobrewery vs. microbrewery. Thanks to our friends at Untappd for this definition.

  • Macro Brewery ( Greater than 6 million barrels / year )
  • Micro Brewery ( Less than 6m barrels / year )
    • Nano Brewery (Small and produces less than 200 gallons / year )
    • Brew Pub (Only brews / sells on premises only )
  • Home Brewery (non-distributed home brews)


Aside from production, there are further distinctions between macro and microbreweries. For example, macrobrews are oftentimes an old favorite, because they maintain consistency in production. On the other hand, microbreweries produce craft beer that is known for being more exploratory and varied.

Due to the differences in quantity of production, macro and microbreweries also have a difference in distribution. For example, you can find a Bud Light just about anywhere in the U.S. However, Excelsior Brews are more exclusive in their distribution.

At the end of the day, we at Thorpe enjoy a cold beer, regardless of its macro or micro status. We truly believe that each of our products has a place in your beer palate.

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